Saturday, December 4, 2010

High Rise: Cindy and Sherry

Guest Bedroom
Twins bedroom
2nd Floor to twins room
Entertainment Area
Wine Cellar
Master Bedroom
Living Room
Dining room/Stairs

Sherry and Cindy are both partnered in a self-owned antique shop. While considering these elements used by this couple, I’ve brought the outside in creating an atmosphere where the family will always feel at home. As a family, they enjoy traveling. At every stop, they collect a wine bottle that has left meaning in their lives and has created a memory. Through the time they’ve collected a total of 250 wine bottles. Keeping this in mind, the words, tavern, cabin, wine cellar, dark, cozy and memorable came into mind. Considering their traveling hobby, the perfect place for their home is one where they can go to different areas within their rooms as if traveling and create a memory. For materials, natural elements fit them best. Using different exotic woods throughout walls and floors, give them a feeling of comfort. In the twins room, the second level gives them a chance to escape. The two girls can easily decide to take part in two different areas, one area consist of being down on the first level, where a nook has been provided to easily hide away, or the second level where the twins may choose to easily relax and do work. As well as in the master bed, the parents have been given an opportunity to easily take control of their room by deciding where to enclose their room area from the living area within their room, or leave it open. The same goes for the Guest, where the guest instead take an adventure on the lower level of the house and can then have their own privacy. Within their room, they have the opportunity to choose between bed or living area. As for the whole house, the rooms become the center. Within each room varies the different scales of centers. For the girls, the change in level becomes the center. Whereas, in the room the center becomes the walls that divide each room from their small private and public areas.

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