Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is the final look of our project. However, when you look at our model you see a pathway;instead this should be an edgeway. We decided to change our design when realizing that we didnt have enough time to fully cast all the molds we needed. Overall, I feel that our layout was a success.

This is our process. During this stage we casted different shapes and sizes until we found the sizes that we saw were truly useful. Our successful aggregate ended up being Perlite.


North Arrows

We were suppose to come up with different types of north arrows.

Poche Floor Plan

This was the final floor plan in which I was assigned to Poche the walls.

Floor Plan

These are some floor plan drawings that were converted from a scale of 1/8 to 1/4. When I redrew it we had to emphasis the different line levels.

Conveying Depth

This was the original that I drew then I traced it onto vellum paper to show the different depths.

This drafting drawing was originally in a scale of 1/8". However, our assignment was to redraw it by doubling the size and drawing it at a scale of 1/4". Then we had to use different shades of pencils to show the different depths.

"Throw up" sheet

This is our "throw up " sheet. We were asked to brainstorm ideas about our Pathways, Edges and Boundaries project. I was in the Oasis group. We had to come up with something that would be easy as well as a way of interaction for the people that walked through the parking lot. These were some ideas

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Final Four Perspective Drawings

Hallway Perspective

I took this picture on the groundlevel of the studio arts building. I drew it using 1 point perspective.

Building Perspective

In class we were asked to do perspective drawings. for my 2 point perspective I decided to draw this building.

Exaggerate lighting

This was the exaggerated lighting on the brush.

Lamp Perspective

This is the original picture that I took.. I dont think this could have been drawn using a perspective because it was very difficult to try and do.However, I tried a couple of times and it turned out the same both times I did them.

This was attempt number one. This was attempt number two.


I was bored during Art History so I just started drawing whatever came into mind


When working on the concrete project we were suppose to incorporate wildlife so i was just drawing animals that we could put into the stepping stones.


This was just a random drawing of a penguin.

North Arrow

This was just a draft of my north arrows

Orthographic Drawings