Saturday, December 4, 2010

High Rise: Bonnie

Living Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom (2)
Master Bathroom
Guest Room
Multipurpose Room
Dining Room
2nd Floor Library

Utilities Room

As a novelist, chess player, flower arranger and soup kitchen volunteer, Bonnie sets a perfect example of a completely multitasked person. Using her personality throughout the space, I provided a space that she would be able to manipulate constantly, creating a different story for each room on her own. Using mainly dark and natural materials, I designed a cozy and pleasant space for writing utilizing lighting, adjusted dramatically to suggest varied mood tones and a sense of mystery. In each room, the ceiling has two different light switches. Each lets Bonnie decide which mood she is in and how much lighting she wants. Throughout the space I wanted to always have a place of inspiration for Bonnie to sit and write. In order to achieve this goal, each room has its own personality given by the different wall coverings. Beginning in the living room, Bonnie can easily manipulate the movable doors on a track device and start her story through space. As a way of manipulating color, I specified analogous colors for the walls and a contrasting color on the ceilings. Using the 15 principles of design, centers became an important part of design. Wall partitions become the center and every room. The guest room uses this partition as a way to divide each room into private and public. Though these partitions vary in size, they become proportional when set in the appropriate sized room. Overall, the house was designed for Bonnie to create and begin her adventure.

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