Saturday, August 28, 2010

GHA Renovated Home

The 2010 Tour of Remodeled Homes was a great experience to see how they took a historic home and turned it into a modernized home. In many instances we encountered many different houses where the client had a lot to do with the design.

House #9 : Kevin Jones Design - Remodeled Deck/Sunroom
Overall this house had a design that fit very well with the small house. The materials they used outside was a very delicate stone. The furniture made it feel very cozy and overall a great place for the family to come out and take some time to just relax.

House #10 : DLM Builders, Inc. - Screen Porch Addition
This screen porch addition was very successful. The ceiling style was a V groove ceiling which I felt was very successful. One of the things that these contractors said about this particular design was how the family there wanted a place to celebrate special events, such as, superbowl and parties. I think the design itself was great, however, for the purpose they where designing it, didnt really work. The sunroom was more of a place for the family to come out and just relax.

House #13: Brickwood Builders, Inc. - Master Suite Addition w/ Bonus Room and Kitchen Update.
Overall I felt that this was one of the best designs I saw throughout the tour. Here the builders concentrated on the client and their parents aging. Since many time elders have trouble going up steps they decided to add a master bedroom that not only would benefit them, but also would make it a living space that consisted of all their needs in one. The master bedroom had seating, a morning bar, a little kitchen and a bath. This way the parents would only have to stay within their own limited walking distances. In the upstairs area, they included a Kids area that would include overall extra storage space. In the kitchen, one of the best features added was a built in desk area.

House#14: Booe Building & Remodeling - Kitchen and Den
As well as the above house, this couple remodeled their kitchen to accommodate the needs of their 6 year old daughter. While creating "one big useable space" they joined their kitchen, dining and living room areas. There were no dividing walls between these spaces. To make it easily accessible for their daughter, they installed the microwave unit underneath the island. This was a little lower then waist height. Another interesting factor of this house was how they camouflaged their dish washer into the cabinets to keep away from their daughter. One of the most interesting facts about this place was that all the equipment was bought off of craigslist by the owner.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Studio 301-02

Studio 301 is a class that will bring a variety of historical knowledge. While incorporating different readings such as Bachelord and Clark, learning different ways these two authors interpret their definitions of certain housing styles, as well as, investigating different house styles of our own and interpreting the Architects style. Overall, I feel that this studio class will summarize in all, how to keep in mind who we are designing for as well as, does it fit the person/client appropriately? While taking into consideration the deadlines, I am very pleased with the time and effort put by the professor to make sure the material provided is to its most best presentation.